2022 Statewide Leaders Gathering

2022 Statewide Leaders Gathering-Breakout Sessions


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Session 1: Innovative Solutions to Oregon’s Housing Crisis
Oregon has underproduced 110,000 units of housing over the past decade – resulting in serious impacts not just on homelessness and housing affordability, but more broadly on our economy and the collective health of our state. Come learn about new strategies to address our housing shortage to help meet ambitious housing targets in rural and urban communities alike. This session will address some of the newest ways that Oregon leaders are creating new housing more quickly, such as 3D printing of homes, using modular and mass timber materials, and repurposing existing sites for housing. Communities around the state are employing these innovative techniques, and there’s an exciting opportunity to bring these solutions to scale in the years ahead.
SPEAKERS: Ernesto Fonseca, CEO, Hacienda CDC; Amanda Dellinger, Community Relations Director, Square-One Villages; and Nick Green, Executive Director, Grant County Digital Network Coalition.

Session 2: Building Resilience for our Lands, Waters, and Communities
OCF continues ongoing work with organizations, communities, donors, and partners to benefit people and place. Donors across Oregon are increasing environmental grantmaking through OCF, while learning and giving together. In this session, we’ll share how a 3-year Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes initiative helped nonprofit land trusts build climate and community resilience across the Pacific Northwest. A collective donor giving group is expanding its reach and impact on climate change and healthy ecosystems and working with OCF for more opportunities to deepen this work. Hosted by Carlos Garcia, Senior Program Officer for Environment and Donor Impact, OCF and Anne George, Senior Donor Relations Officer, OCF.
SPEAKERS: Kelley Beamer-Executive director, Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts; Natasha Bellis, Conservation Director, Deschutes Land Trust; and Owen Wozniak-Land Transactions Program Manager, Land Trust Alliance.

Session 3: Tracking Oregon’s Progress (TOP) 2023: What makes a healthy, thriving community?
The Tracking Oregon’s Progress (TOP) report series explores issues that matter to OCF and to Oregon. The 2023 TOP report will focus on exploring community-level characteristics that support healthy, thriving communities, and examine how these indicators differ by population, race and place. In this session, we will learn about recent TOP research focused on closing opportunity gaps and expansive work ahead to consider the systems, structures and environments that shape our collective well-being.
SPEAKERS: Jean-Marie Callan, Senior Research and Learning Officer, OCF, and Kimberlee Salmond, Director, Research and Learning, OCF.


Please sign up to attend the session of your choice at the registration table.

Session 1: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Early Childhood
Thriving communities require thriving children and right now, our children need us more than ever. Listen and learn how leaders across private, public and non-profit sectors are leaning into creativity and entrepreneurship to ensure that our children are well taken-care of. Panelists will share real-world examples of how collective brilliance can make a difference.
SPEAKERS: Kali Thorne Ladd-Chief Executive Officer, Children’s Institute; Marie Simonds, Executive Director, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance (WRCA); Gustavo Morales, Executive Director, Euvalcree; and Lisa Tynan, Program Director, Oregon Childcare Alliance.

Session 2: How Women View and Affect Philanthropy
Women giving – of their time and their money – is nothing new. Their visibility and philanthropic strategy is growing and driving innovative approaches in who gives and to what causes. Together we’ll explore how women are thinking about their own giving and inspiring others. In this session we will explore trends and data about women and philanthropy; interview two OCF donors and leadership council members about their giving; lead an interactive exercise with questions about giving; share inspiring stories from the history of women philanthropists in Oregon; provide brief information about OCF’s Giving Matters online events; and answer audience questions
SPEAKERS: Amy Cuddy-Philanthropic Advisor and Regional Director, OCF; Jenn Columbus, Philanthropic Advisor & Regional Director, Northern Willamette Valley, OCF; Julie Gregory, Senior Philanthropic Advisor & Regional Director, Central & Eastern Oregon, OCF; Sarah Grace McIlveen, Director of Philanthropy, OCF; Jody Ward, Central Oregon Leadership Council, OCF; and Amy Houghtaling, Founder & Director, Family Academics Community and Enrichment for Success (FACES).

Session 3: Two Years after the Fires: Rebuilding Hope
The 2020 Labor Day fires changed lives and changed our state. The OCF community rose to meet the moment with an outpouring of support as individuals and families worked to recover and equitably rebuild their communities. And, the work continues. We’ll share reflections and progress delivered through the Oregon Community Rebuilding Fund and discuss how we have worked together in times of crisis when our neighbors are in need. Hosted by John Moriarty, OCF senior program officer, and Amy Drake, OCF program officer
SPEAKERS: Brandi Crawford Ferguson, Associate Director of Philanthropy and McKenzie Community Liaison, McKenzie River Trust; Kristin Monahan, OCF consultant for the Community Rebuilding Fund; and Dr. Ruth Zúñiga, Executive Director and co-founder, Raíces de Bienestar.

Session 4: Students and leaders talk Black and Latinx/o Student Success
How are we defining student success, inside and outside of the classroom? Moderated by Jonathan Garcia - students and community partners share their personal experiences of learning, growing and finding success within themselves.
SPEAKERS: Jonathan Garcia, Chair, Latino Partnership Program Statewide Council, Chief of Staff Portland Public Schools; Mark Jackson, Black Student Success Network Leader, President REAP; and Rutila Galvan-Rodriguez, Executive Director, Better Together Central Oregon.