Oregonians Invest in LGBTQ+ Serving Organizations Around State Through Oregon Community Foundation

More than a dozen organizations receive 2022 funding to support LQBTQ+ Oregonians

Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) announced today that more than 50 LGBTQ+ serving organizations have received donor-funded grants totaling $700,000 over the last year, from 2021 to June 2022, to further work in support of LGBTQ+ Oregonians and to advance equity across the state. So far in 2022, OCF has administered donor-funded grants to more than a dozen LGBTQ+ serving organizations.

The latest round of grant funding for June, 2022, provides grants for PFLAG Newberg and Table 14, both based in Newberg.

“Work to help underserved, oppressed populations is always challenging, and funding can be difficult,” said Steve Sherwood, Table 14 Director. “The profound generosity of OCF donors has helped us serve LGBTQ+ youth in our community in ways that would be impossible otherwise.”

“As a completely new theatre company putting on our first production, the OCF donor-funded grant via PFLAG Newberg will help us pay actors, designers and production staff,” said JeanneAnn Comiskey, Producer and Director, Newberg Our Town 2022, Gather Repertory. “This would not be possible without the support of OCF donors helping us to create work that is high quality and of distinct purpose for our community.”

PFLAG Newberg

Both Newberg-based organizations are new community partners for OCF.

“We’re seeing more and more Oregonians recognize the challenges for LGBTQ+ communities — from discrimination in schools to youth experiencing homelessness after coming out and more” said Kristina Kindel, Grants Management Associate, Oregon Community Foundation. “The compassion and solidarity of people standing together to amplify LGBTQ+ voices is heartening. These grants highlight diverse needs for support within LGBTQ+ communities in Oregon.”

Following is a small snapshot of just a few of the LGBTQ+ serving organizations supported by donors giving through Oregon Community Foundation: 

Basic Rights Oregon(statewide) $7,000 grant via Oregon Community Foundation

For support of the Education Fund to ensure that all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Oregonians truly experience equality.

“Basic Rights Oregon is fighting for all LGBTQ+ Oregonians — whether that’s advocating for inclusion, celebrating Pride or working for equality,” said Nancy Haque, Basic Rights Oregon’s executive director. “Funding through OCF donors helps us ensure we’re able to do this work and make an impact.”

PFLAG Roseburg $7,500 grant via Oregon Community Foundation

For LGBTQ+ support, community education, and advocacy to provide the security and resources needed to help Douglas County communities thrive.

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (Shaun Keylock Company) $22,500 grant via Oregon Community Foundation

For the Queer Archive Project by the Shaun Keylock Company ¾ to archive and present rare video presentations, live performances, workshops, film screenings and lectures that reveal the significant impact queer elder artists have had on the dance history of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

“Oregon Community Foundation donors have provided significant support for our Dance Heritage Project, which provides legacy management and archive services for LGBTQ+ and other dance elders in our community,” said Shaun Keylock, Founder and Artistic Director, Shaun Keylock Company. “We are grateful to donors and OCF for recognizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage and for providing this much needed service to our community.”

OCFs Community Grants Program

OCF’s 2022 Community Grants program prioritizes communities in Oregon most impacted by social, economic and racial injustices and inequities. For more information about any upcoming Community Grants opportunities, please visit: oregoncf.org/community-grants.