Prenatal Through Third Grade (P-3) Alignment

Building early, sustained, community-driven support for children and families.

Prenatal Through Third Grade (P-3) initiatives strengthen and align supports for children and families starting at the critical prenatal period and extending through third grade. This work is based on growing evidence that individual early childhood, family support and education programs are a necessary but not sufficient strategy for addressing disparities in education outcomes. By building early, sustained, community-driven supports, the P-3 model generates a larger impact than standalone programs or services can. The goal is to improve outcomes for children by creating opportunities for the adults in their lives to work more closely together and to share knowledge of a child's strengths and challenges. 

The education opportunity gap—differences in life circumstances that influence achievement and outcomes—begins early; research points to the first signs emerging as early as 9 months. The gap has a long reach, affecting graduation rates, future earnings and health outcomes. Research shows that high-quality early learning can substantially increase the likelihood of later academic success. However, even universal access to preschool is not enough, and more aligned early education and elementary systems are needed to support Oregon's young learners.

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