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New P-3 reports now available!

Through a partnership with Portland State University's Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services research team, we are pleased to release the second in a series of three sets of reports on Prenatal-through-Grade 3 work in Oregon.

The second report on Building Successful P-3 Initiatives: Foundations & Catalysts for Systems Change highlights the foundations, or basic functional elements needed to establish a successful P-3 initiative, and catalysts, or elements that promote and sustain the initiative's progress toward improving education systems, programs and outcomes.

This first set of reports on Investments in Oregon's P-3 Initiatives - Promising Family Engagement Strategies: Early Evidence & Next Steps highlights several important improvements in P-3 schools:

  • Parents in P-3 schools are reading to their children more frequently.
  • Disparities in how welcome parents of color felt at school were significantly reduced.
  • Parents are more confident in their ability to support their child's learning at home.
  • Parents are starting kindergarten expecting more frequent communication with their child's teachers.

The overarching recommendation for Oregon schools and communities is to continue strengthening P-3 family engagement work that focuses on reducing disparities for children of color and for children from economically disadvantaged families. To read more, please click on the links below.

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Family Engagement Self-Assessment Tool (updated July 2016):

  • Family Engagement Self-Assessment Tool [pdf]

Revised Tools (updated March 2016):

  • Collaboration Survey email template [doc]
  • Semi-Annual Data-Drive Workplan template [doc]
  • Annual Indicators [doc]
  • Data Collection Timeline [pdf]

Parent/Caregiver Survey Tools (updated March 2016):

Outcomes Survey Tools (updated March 2016):