Existing OCF Donors: Support COVID Recovery

Because the coronavirus pandemic is a rapidly developing situation that affects nonprofit organizations of all types, we are encouraging a broad response from donors.

OCF is focusing on addressing strategies including: 

  • Food security, such as food banks and school pantries
  • Childcare and educational loss due to school closures
  • Bridge funding for small businesses and arts organizations
  • Social isolation for seniors and other vulnerable communities
  • Coordination of community response through community-based organizations like Community Action Agencies and the United Way. (Click on the links to search for your closest organization.)   

As we experience this pandemic, we are mindful of its disproportionate impact on communities of color, individuals who experience poverty, individuals who experience disabilities, individuals who experience homelessness, children, and other vulnerable populations. As we advance our mission, vision and values, our equity lens will guide and inform our response as a foundation to address this disproportionate impact.

Gifts of General Support

Please consider the nonprofits that are most meaningful to you and your community and support them directly, whether from a donor-advised fund at OCF or directly from your personal accounts. 

General operating support helps ensure that organizations can be flexible and nimble enough to respond to this situation the way their board and staff decide is best. Please submit any grant recommendations via email, phone, or MyOCF, rather than by US mail. 

Pooling Resources with Other Oregonians

Oregonians who wish to pool resources for a statewide coronavirus response can support OCF’s COVID-19 response activities. Contributions can be made from a donor advised fund; by credit card or check; or with a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA or retirement account.  

Funds will be redistributed to community health care centers; organizations providing rent assistance; shelters; pre-schools and after-school programs; entities that provide food to vulnerable populations; and other recipients who will be determined in consultation with community partners.

For more information about how to contribute, please log into MyOCF or contact a member of the donor relations team. You can find a list of our staff here.

Small Business Stabilization

The Oregon Small Business Stabilization Fund will pool donations to support small businesses in Oregon during this unprecedented time. OCF will launch the fund with $300,000. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses in Oregon employ 55% of all Oregon employees and make up 99.4% of all Oregon businesses. Many small businesses such as childcare centers, restaurants, and other main street businesses report they will not remain open and retain employees without immediate assistance to pay their operating costs. 

The intention of the fund is to cushion the impact of the loss of business until more state or federal resources are available or business resumes to a pre-March 1, 2020 level. Last week, representatives of several community lending organizations in Oregon expressed their great need to assist their borrowers. Without speedy action, too many small business owners may turn to predatory lenders or shut down completely. This fund will operate for at least six months to provide immediate relief across the state.

Please contact the donor relations team to contribute or to learn more.