Help your fellow Oregonians in the wake of COVID-19. Your generosity is urgently needed.

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As we experience this pandemic, we are mindful of its disproportionate impact on communities of color, individuals who experience poverty, individuals who experience disabilities, individuals who experience homelessness, children, and other vulnerable populations. As we advance our mission, vision and values, our equity lens will guide and inform our response as a foundation to address this disproportionate impact.

Oregon Community Recovery Fund

Established in collaboration with partners throughout the state, the Oregon Community Recovery Fund is rapidly deploying resources to community-based organizations at the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak. Grants are awarded on a rolling basis to organizations providing:

  • Basic needs: Services and assistance that keeps people housed, fed, healthy, and safe.
  • Jobs and economy: Services that help create, and connect people to jobs.
  • Childcare: Strategies for creating, retaining and increasing childcare (including school-aged care), including but not limited to childcare for essential health workers.
  • Social and emotional needs: Services for mental health, child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse and other social/emotional issues exacerbated by the crisis.
  • School closures: Strategies for addressing learning loss (distance learning, instructional supports, etc.), ancillary services provided by schools (health, mental health, nutrition), and post-secondary issues.

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Oregon Small Business Stabilization Fund

OCF launched a philanthropic fund to support Oregon’s small business owners as they grapple with the realities of severely constricted economic activity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Seeded with a $300,000 investment from OCF, the Oregon Small Business Stabilization Fund provides emergency capital to nonprofit community lenders in both urban and rural communities, increasing these lenders’ capacity to offer low-interest and no-interest loans and technical assistance to small businesses. Small businesses dealing with reduced sales and revenue can use the loans to continue to retain employees until economic activity picks up in a few months.

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Options for existing OCF donors

OCF provides special options for existing donors to provide gifts of general support, to pool resources with other donors, or to support small businesses.

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