Support Oregon Wildfire Relief and Recovery

Please find below opportunities to support communities impacted by disasters in Oregon.

During the immediate response to a disaster, early, flexible funding is crucial for community organizations to pay for staffing, shelter, food, transportation, evacuation costs, and other expenses. In the aftermath, communities need support for long-term recovery and rebuilding, which can take years. Disasters also exacerbate inequities and disproportionately impact communities that face historic and systemic disparities, which hinder their ability to respond and recover.

If you have an OCF donor advised fund, we can facilitate grants directly to organizations, either by logging onto MyOCF or by contacting a donor relations officer. If you do not have a donor advised fund, we recommend you make a donation directly to the organizations supporting relief efforts.

2023 Golden Fire

Burning just East of Klamath Falls, the Golden Fire has destroyed nearly 50 homes and damaged dozens of other structures. Many residents were forced to flee, and local areas are under a level 2 (“be ready”) evacuation level. Current losses are at more than $6 million and rising as fire crews work tirelessly. Multiple organizations, local and statewide, are engaged in the response. (This is information as of July 28, 2023).

To support the individuals and families affected by the Golden Fire, please consider a gift to:

Klamath-Lake Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG): Comprised of local residents and organizations, the LTRG is working to rapidly identify needs, connect to resources, and provide coordinated assistance to residents affected by the fire. 

How to Give

OCF’s Oregon Disaster Relief Fund

OCF’s Oregon Disaster Relief Fund seeks to provide flexible resources for community relief and recovery from disasters in Oregon. Anyone can make a gift online to the Oregon Disaster Relief Fund by visiting the OCF website:

To give to the Oregon Disaster Relief Fund through your OCF donor advised fund, you may recommend a grant by logging onto the MyOCF portal or by contacting your donor relations officer.