Helping Your Clients Make The Most Of Charitable Giving

OCF partners with attorneys, accountants and wealth managers to help their clients achieve financial planning goals while maximizing charitable outcomes. Our donors enjoy significant tax benefits and ongoing access to our expertise and support.

We offer options for lifetime or legacy giving, grantmaking or scholarships. Our philanthropic advisors are adept at transferring all types of assets into charitable funds, and we handle the burden of fund administration so your clients can focus on the pleasure of giving.

Because OCF knows Oregon’s issues and nonprofits, we can connect your clients with giving opportunities that truly reflect their values. e can even work with you to help families align their values around a custom giving strategy.

Each OCF fund is invested as part of our total assets, resulting in lower management fees, greater diversification and minimized risk. We also provide maximum tax deductions and other advantages that private foundations can’t.

Partnering with OCF expands your range of services while leaving you in control of client relationships. Think of us as the charitable arm of your professional team.

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