Dec. 7, 2021 Philanthropy Forum with Alexander Reid

Tax Legislation Year End Update

Held on Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Our discussion, “Tax Legislation Year End Update,” included Alex sharing the status of current tax legislation, what has happened with some of that legislation in 2021, and what could be coming down the road in 2022. 

The event recording can be found here.

Alexander's power point can be found here.



About Alexander Reid:
Alexander Reid has practiced tax law for nearly 20 years and has a broadbased tax practice that includes tax controversy, tax planning and tax transactional matters. He previously served as legislation counsel to the Joint Committee on Taxation, United States Congress, and as a Fellow at the Office of Tax Policy, United States Department of Treasury. Alex represents taxpayers of all types under audit and at IRS Appeals, and counsels taxpayers seeking administrative guidance from the Internal Revenue Service and United States Department of the Treasury. He also provides advice to clients under investigation and advice regarding legislative tax matters being considered by Congress. Read more here.

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