Working with families can be one of a professional advisor’s toughest jobs, as each generation has its own perspectives, priorities and concerns.

OCF Family Giving is here to make your job easier. Our facilitated work sessions help families align their values, pinpoint their charitable goals and achieve a clear vision for strategic giving.

When your clients work with Family Giving, they gain access to our specialized knowledge, statewide resources and in-house research team. They connect with nonprofits and like-minded donors through our trainings and gatherings while also learning strategies to assess grant requests, leverage funding resources and maximize their charitable impact.

Family Giving services are available to current OCF donors and private family foundations. Your client doesn’t need to have a fund at OCF to benefit from our expertise. We can also offer suggestions on how to help your clients launch a family giving tradition.

“I think Family Giving at OCF is a marvelous resource for those multigenerational families facing issues not just of philanthropy, but also of intrafamily communication, cooperation and understanding.”