Oregon Community Recovery Grant Program

The Oregon Community Recovery Fund is rapidly deploying resources to nonprofits that support Oregon residents and families who are most affected by the emerging health, economic, and social impacts of COVID-19.

Working with a network of community advisors, we are continually monitoring and evaluating our communities’ needs. As the crisis evolves, funding priorities may also shift over time.

At this time, OCF is prioritizing funding to support organizations that are responding to the immediate needs of Oregon communities facing the most disproportionate health, social and economic impacts of this pandemic. These communities include:

  • Communities of color (Black, Latinx, Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander)

  • Rural communities

  • Other vulnerable communities

Statewide needs far surpass our available resources. We are doing our best to respond in a timely fashion, understanding that we will not be able to grant many of the requests.

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Questions about applying to the Oregon Community Recovery Grant Program:

What makes an application to the Oregon Community Recovery Grant Program competitive?
What do you mean by other vulnerable populations for the Oregon Community Recovery Fund?
What specific topics or needs does the Oregon Community Recovery fund aim to address?
What support is available for arts & culture organizations?
What support is available for small businesses?
Are 501(c)(3)s the only organizations eligible to apply?
Do the funding priorities for the OCRF also apply for the Arts & Culture Recovery Fund and the Small Business Stabilization Fund?
Is there a different application process for the OCRF, the Arts & Culture Recovery Fund, and the Small Business Stabilization Fund?
Can I talk to someone at OCF about my application?
What geographic regions are eligible to apply for funds?
How much should we apply for?
Is OCF engaging communities in this effort?
Does submitting an application guarantee funding?
When will funds be distributed?
Should our multi-location organization apply under one umbrella, or submit multiple separate applications?
Can my organization submit more than one application?
How long will the fund stay open?
I recently received or applied for a different grant from OCF. Am I eligible for a grant from this fund?
I’m having trouble with the online application system. Who do I contact for assistance?
What else should we know?

Application Details

Applicants should expect to provide basic organization information (organization name, contact information, EIN, mission/general description of services, etc), as well as provide responses to the following questions:

  • What is the unanticipated need that your organization is facing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis? (max 1,500 characters)
  • What type of funding are you seeking to address through this grant? Examples may include programmatic support due to an uptick in demand for your organization’s services or general operating emergency funds due to cancellation of major events/sources of revenue. (max 500 characters)
  • How much are you requesting? How will this amount assist your organization in meeting the need you outlined above? (max 500 characters)
  • Does your organization primarily serve disproportionately impacted communities (including communities of color, low-income, rural/geographically isolated, LGBTQ+, individuals with disabilities, refugees, immigrants, or other vulnerable or historically underserved populations)? If YES, please explain and include how your staff and leadership represent and involve those populations in your decision-making processes. If NO, please state that you serve the general population.
  • What is your financial outlook for the next 30-90 days and what additional resources, if any, do you have to support your needs (cash reserves, endowment, loans, federal/state relief funds, etc.)?
  • What is the impact to your clients and/or community if this financial need is not met?
  • What is your organization’s total operating budget for the current year (prior to any COVID-19 impacts)?

*Please note that OCF staff may reach out to you for more information about your responses to the above questions.

Nondiscrimination Policy

The foundation does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, ability/disability, age, status as a veteran, national origin or any other protected class. Applicants for COVID-19 Response Grants must hold similar standards in the provision of services.

Questions? Contact us at grants@oregoncf.org

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