Taking care of one another and standing strong side-by-side have rekindled a beautiful kindness across the land. And now, we have the opportunity to keep it lit.

Fighting fires, delivering food and standing strong together has elevated the practice of kindness across Oregon. Now we have the opportunity to keep kindness at the forefront of our lives, to reach out, to share, to give our time, treasure and talent, to rise and thrive together. And here’s how — use this page to find inspiration for how you can spread kindness and help others. Scroll down for research on where help is most needed in Oregon, read stories of NeighbORly acts from around the state, get inspired with kindness ideas and sign up for NeighbORly invites and news. Kindness inspires kindness. Let’s keep it rolling. 

Oregon Needs You.

Even before the recent years of hardship, OCF has been researching Oregon’s greatest and most urgent needs. This helps our donors as well as numerous other nonprofit partners and professionals make informed decisions regarding their programs and plans. Below you’ll find reports to help you learn where your inclination to lend a hand intersects with needs around the state.

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Learn about Oregon’s most urgent needs and potent solutions

Cornerstones: Economic Mobility and Belonging in Oregon. Deep disparities exist in every aspect of American life — and too many children still lack equitable access to opportunity. Where children grow up matters deeply. OCF set out to understand where in Oregon children are getting ahead and where opportunity gaps persist. This report examines specific Oregon towns and sheds light on what it will take to give more children opportunities in communities across Oregon.

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Learn about homelessness in Oregon and how to help

Homelessness in Oregon Report: An economic research  report by ECONorthwest commissioned by OCF. Affordable housing and homelessness together represent a statewide crisis that must be tackled by all levels of government, philanthropy, nonprofits and businesses working together on collaborative solutions.

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Kindness Inspires Kindness

There are so many ways to be neighborly. Check in with friends, family and neighbors. Donate food, clothing and emergency items. Volunteer. Share your lunch. Or, if you are an OCF donor, give at My OCF or contact your donor relations officer. Check back soon to see collected stories and examples from across the state showing how neighborly Oregonians are inspiring kindness with kindness.

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