July 26, 2019

Donors Join OCF to Quickly Fund Solutions to Warm Springs Water Crisis

Donors joined OCF in awarding funds to the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs after a recent water main break rendered water undrinkable. The break also uncovered other critical and failing infrastructure components, and caused the closing of the day care center and other vital community services.

OCF granted $25,000 to the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to address the crisis and restore access to clean water for residents. OCF donors quickly responded with a co-investment, so far totaling more than $200,000 from donor advised funds.

“We are so grateful for this generous community of Oregonians who work together to respond when our communities need support,” says Max Williams, OCF president and CEO.

OCF staff continue to connect with Warm Springs leaders to identify where assistance is most needed.

Read more about the Warm Springs water crisis via this news link.