March 01, 2020

Scholarships Bring Dreams to Life

In 2019 OCF — with generous support from donors — awarded 3,900 scholarships to help students realize their dreams of higher education.

OCF scholarships fund education for graduates of specific high schools, current college students and even graduate students. Some of our scholarships support nontraditional students pursuing workforce retraining or higher education.

Oregon Community Foundation 2020 scholarships by the numbers

Race and Ethnicity

Note: OCF scholarship recipients self-identify their race/ethnicity and may select multiple categories. 16.1% selected more than one category. Therefore, the percentages in the chart add up to more than 100%.

Chart showing scholarships by race

Low-income students and students of color face additional barriers in accessing and completing postsecondary education. OCF is committed to closing this opportunity gap, and OCF scholarships are mitigating these inequities. Overall, 69% of 2019 scholarship recipients were low-income students and 37% were students of color.

Popular Majors

  • Nursing: 210 Scholarship Recipients, $706,184
  • Business Administration: 96 Scholarship Recipients, $401,293
  • Education: 98 Scholarship Recipients $348,385
  • Biology: 82 Scholarship Recipients $253,582
  • Psychology: 65 Scholarship Recipients $218,735

 Oregon scholarships around the state

“There are some truly amazing stories out in the world connected to such passionate people. Volunteering to review these scholarship applications was a wonderful opportunity to get a glimpse of those people!”



To give to a scholarship fund or volunteer, contact OCF at (503) 227-6846. Scholarship applicants, visit