June 01, 2020

Standing Against Racism and Supporting Change

We are grieving with our communities over the senseless death of George Floyd and so many other black and brown people who have experienced similar racially-motivated injustices.

We acknowledge the trauma, anger and frustration that yet another tragedy like this creates for all of us, in particular the Black community, and other communities of color, who are already experiencing a disproportionate impact from COVID-19.

As a community foundation, we work to bring people together, to solve problems and to build trust. We support the right to peacefully assemble, organize and protest for change. Many of the changes in our country have taken place because brave people have stood tall against oppression. 

Every American—every Oregonian—should be willing to stand against racism and oppression and give support to those individuals, organizations and leaders who are working for change. 

We cannot afford to lose focus. We must recommit ourselves to addressing the injustice in our systems and institutions and to increasing our efforts at building equitable communities where everyone feels safe and is treated humanely regardless of their race.

OCF is committed to honoring community voices and expertise and supporting a broad spectrum of strategies and approaches to create Oregon communities where all people can thrive.

If you are interested in supporting organizations in Oregon working on restorative justice, law enforcement reform and anti-racist initiatives, click here. We will keep this list updated, with input from communities around the state.

To support the Minneapolis community, the Minneapolis Foundation has created the Fund for Safe Communities.