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Community Rebuilding Fund

Collectively investing in recovery and rebuilding for Oregon communities affected by Labor Day 2020 fires.

The Community Rebuilding Fund, established at the request of Governor Kate Brown and launched in partnership with Meyer Memorial Trust and The Ford Family Foundation, is a vehicle for raising private and philanthropic donations to support Oregonians whose communities have been leveled by wildfires.

The three foundations are working together to learn about the needs of all the communities that have been impacted, understand how state and federal resources are being deployed, and identify ways to assist communities in their efforts to recover and rebuild.

We are learning about families that have been displaced to hotels and have no form of transportation, families who don’t qualify for federal resources and can’t find housing, watersheds that are going to take years to replant to prevent erosion and much more.

OCF, Meyer Memorial Trust and The Ford Family Foundation bring unique expertise and understanding of communities together. We are committed to centering the communities that have been impacted in our process and having them help us shape the structure and criteria for grants from this Community Rebuilding Fund. We have learned that philanthropy plays an important role in response to disasters, both in responding quickly for immediate needs and the longer-term recovery and rebuilding process that can take years. Latinx, Tribal and rural communities have been disproportionately impacted by the wildfire and will be a core focus of Community Rebuilding Fund grants.

We know various relief funds are activated now to address immediate needs such as housing, food and medications. We are continuing to raise funds so we can support communities later this year as they develop strategies for stabilizing and revitalizing their communities. Check back soon for more information about the open application process we anticipate will be launched by May.

This partnership reflects a unified commitment for a stronger and more resilient Oregon. Contributions from individuals, businesses and other organizations are welcome. Please consider contributing today.

Support This Fund

If you are inspired to support this effort, please visit If you have a donor advised fund at OCF, you can also contact your donor relations officer to learn how to use your fund to support this effort.