After a harrowing year of cascading crises, hope returned in 2021. The challenges we confronted together as Oregonians also rekindled the practice of kindness.

Much work remains to help communities rebuild from Oregon’s devastating Labor Day fires and address the pandemic’s economic and social fallout. Our state and society continue to reckon with the ways in which these crises compounded existing inequities, particularly for many Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income Oregonians and rural communities.

In the midst of these complex, generational challenges, we also saw the power of kindness — in acts of generosity large and small — to keep our communities strong, resilient and moving forward. Oregon Community Foundation worked alongside donors, nonprofits and communities to repair and refuel critical systems that sustain us, individually and collectively, and to transform
Oregonians’ generosity into lasting, transformative change.

The stories and pictures in these pages offer a moving and evolving narrative of how Oregonians — despite our differences — want to come together, to invest in our communities and each other, and to ensure that all of Oregon’s children and families have opportunity to thrive.