2021 Annual Report

Message From The Board

Great challenges can inspire great opportunities, and Oregonians met 2021 with the tenacity and resilience, care and spirit that were needed most. 

The stories of generosity — including record-setting giving and receiving of time, talent, treasure, ties and testimony — illustrate a compelling response to the deep and ongoing impacts of a two-year pandemic and the complex challenges confronting Oregon.

The passion, determination, empathy and hard work we’ve shared — together — is inspiring and worth celebrating, as you’ll see in the faces, voices and stories in this year’s annual report.

In 2022, after a decade of leadership at OCF, Max Williams is transitioning out of his role as president and CEO. His contributions to OCF’s growth and impact have been extraordinary: helping grant more than a billion dollars benefiting every community in Oregon; growing OCF’s research and advocacy practices to enable more effective philanthropy; creating the Oregon Impact Fund and new means to fuel social impact; helping steward the largest charitable gifts in OCF’s history; growing the endowment to $3.7 billion; and granting communities a record-setting $321.1 million in 2021, in record time to meet the urgent needs of Oregonians. We thank Max for his contributions and steadfast dedication to OCF and to Oregon.

OCF’s commitment to community — bringing together and amplifying the talents of individuals, businesses, nonprofits and government in an ecosystem for good, and working to inspire giving that advances opportunities for all Oregonians through community-led solutions — remains vital to the important work ahead.

The communal hardships of the past two years have inspired a great, unifying strength that will sustain us in the journey ahead and accelerate the path to a better future: kindness.

With our collective energy, we can reunite, rebuild, reconnect and heal. Won’t you join us in keeping the spirit of generosity alive in our communities?

Kindness inspires kindness, and here in Oregon, that is what makes us NeighbORly. Find more to inspire kindness at oregoncf.org/neighborly.

Kimberly Cooper
OCF Board Chair, Portland