Dear Neighbors,

The security of a roof overhead. The comfort of a warm meal shared with family and friends. The beauty of art reflecting the world in a new way. The laughter of a child at play. The pride of a new business, thriving in community. The helping hand that says, “We’ve got you. Hold on.” Sand in the toes and moss underfoot. Reflections of Oregon’s bounty and promise for renewal.

As we renewed statewide connections in community in 2022 — from the Coast to the Cascades, and the state’s eastern reaches, to the northern corners and southern borders — you, OCF’s giving and caring community, showed how generously Oregonians help Oregonians.

OCF donors supported nearly 10,000 grants and 3,000 scholarships in 2022, with awards totaling $171.4 million. Organizations across the state in small towns and big cities advanced opportunities for all Oregonians through diverse, community-based programs. The following pages illustrate so many examples of where this generosity ensures that Oregonians can pursue their dreams and realize their potential.

While celebrating these notable achievements, we also honored a decade of service for Max Williams as he passed the torch, and we proudly welcomed Lisa Mensah back home as OCF’s president and CEO. It was a steady leadership transition that demonstrated OCF’s strength and stewardship as an organization. Lisa continues to actively engage with communities around the state, listening to Oregonians’ stories, filled with hopes and dreams for the future. Together, we’ll work to make these dreams come true as we look forward to the decade ahead.

Today, as we embrace OCF’s 50-year tradition of bringing people together to create meaningful, lasting impact in community, we celebrate YOUR impact and the contributions of so many Oregonians helping Oregonians in this place we call home. What’s your hope for your community in the next 50 years, and how will you help shape it from an idea into reality?

Kimberly Cooper
OCF Board Chair