Healthy Environment: Solutions for People and Place 

Working with communities and supported by gifts from people like you, OCF supports solutions that benefit the air, lands, waters and people of Oregon.   

Across Oregon, we see that our environment and human well-being are connected. OCF believes that vibrant communities, a healthy natural environment, and a strong economy go hand in hand. If our air, lands, and waters are healthy, then both nature and people can thrive.  

With the support of donors, OCF’s has contributed $13- $14 million a year to environment-related programs. We work to bring together donors, partners, and communities to support the conservation and restoration of wild spaces and working lands, a secure water future, solutions to climate change, environmental education and connection, and greater resilience for the people and places of Oregon. 

Gray Family Foundation

Alongside OCF, the Gray Family Foundation, a supporting organization of OCF, engages people in Oregon as active stewards of our communities and natural environments. Gray Family Foundation invests in ensuring K-12 youth have access to safe, accessible, and engaging experiential learning opportunities that center and reflect the perspectives, traditions and knowledge of diverse populations across Oregon and supports youth stewardship of communities and natural systems.


Community Water Solutions

Recognizing that water is vital to Oregon’s future, OCF supports projects that facilitate collaboration about water quality and quantity among people with diverse interests. Learn more.

Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group

A diverse donor group with professional backgrounds spanning business, academia, medicine, law, agriculture and forestry meet, learn, plan and recommend grants that support efforts to address climate change and protect healthy ecosystems. Learn more.

What you can do

To support OCF’s Healthy Environment Fund, you can make a gift online, or if you have a donor advised fund, please give through MyOCF or contact your donor relations officer. 


Learn more about the Climate Change & Healthy Habitats Collective Giving Group. 


If you have a donor advised fund, please contact your donor relations officer to learn about opportunities to support organizations working across Oregon. 

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