Kim Leonard
Senior Research Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Becky Seel
Research Officer, Oregon Community Foundation

Carrie Furrer
Research Associate Professor, Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services, Portland State University

Recommended citation

Leonard, K., Seel, B., & Furrer, C. (2021). Building and sustaining high-quality out-of-school time programs: Lessons learned from a statewide initiative. Oregon Community Foundation.


Our deepest gratitude to Fred and Sue Fields, The Ford Family Foundation, and the Oregon Community Foundation advised fund donors who make this work possible.

We are also very grateful for the many people and organizations who have contributed to this work over the years, including current Oregon Community Foundation team members:

  • Belle Cantor, Senior Program Office, Education
  • Comet James, Program Associate, Scholarships & Grants
  • Megan McElroy, Program Officer, Scholarships
  • Caitlin Ruffenach, Director of Research
  • Kimberlee Salmond, Senior Research Officer
  • Sandi Vincent, Communications & Digital Media Coordinator
  • Sonia Worcel, Chief Community Impact Officer

Former Oregon Community Foundation team members:

  • Zoë Flanagan
  • Danae Hutson-Lipinski
  • David Keyes
  • Holly Kipp
  • Linda Lancaster
  • Raul Preciado Mendez
  • Catherine Moore
  • Zulema Naegele
  • Caitlin Walker

The Ford Family Foundation team members:

  • Kasi Allen, Director - Learning and Knowledge Management
  • Keavy Cook, Director - Children, Youth & Families
  • Anne Kubisch, President
  • Nathan Schult, Program Officer – Children, Youth & Families
  • Jeneen Hartley, former Program Officer – Children, Youth & Families

Initiative and evaluation partners:

The many folks who advised us at various stages of the evaluation: 

  • Mary Arnold
  • Karyl Askew
  • Charlie Bauer
  • Greg Belisle
  • Janice Cole
  • Brian Detman
  • Kari Greene
  • Amy Gray
  • Bill T. Hansell
  • Kylie Hutchinson
  • Brandan Kearney
  • Lisle Bertsche Kehr
  • Katie Lakey
  • Lorena Mosqueda
  • Angela Valenzuela
  • Carolyn Manke
  • Marjorie McGee
  • Araceli Mendez
  • Octaviano Merecias
  • Shawn Morford
  • Tonya Parson
  • Lisa Pellegrino
  • Julie Petrokubi
  • Nelda Reyes
  • Sarah Terry
  • Nell Tessman
  • Shelley Toon Lindberg
  • Maria Weer
  • Mary Bowker
  • Nate Waas Shull

All of the participating program leaders and staff, but especially those who received funding in the first two rounds and worked diligently to contribute student-level data for the evaluation, so kindly hosted the evaluation team for many program observations and interviews, helped us conduct family/caregiver focus groups, facilitated student photovoice projects, and more:


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