Improving Out-of-School Time Program Quality

We knew from the outset of the Initiative that supporting high-quality out-of-school time programs was important, and we sought to fund programs with high-quality components, including strong positive adult role models, academic support and family engagement. We also knew that program quality improvement was a strong and valuable movement in the out-of-school time field.

The first group of participating program leaders encouraged us to incorporate program quality assessment and improvement into the Initiative’s learning community and evaluation. They wanted to know what they were doing well and where they could improve, to be supported in their improvement efforts, and to tell a more complete story of their work than they could with student participation or outcomes data alone.

Eugene School District 4J

After working with these leaders and other out-of-school time stakeholders to complete a thorough review of existing program quality improvement systems and tools—and their relationship to Initiative priorities and local frameworks such as the Oregon Leading Indicators (developed through the Oregon 21st Century Learning Centers in 2013)—we selected the nationally recognized, research-based Youth Program Quality Intervention and Assessment (YPQ).

Over time, program quality improvement became increasingly central to the Initiative and its learning community, and its benefits are increasingly visible to us and to participating programs.

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About out-of-school time program quality improvement

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