Cornerstones: Economic Mobility and Belonging in Oregon

Profiles of Opportunity

Data from the Opportunity Atlas is a good place to start exploring economic mobility in Oregon, but it tells us little about what is happening in local communities to help or hinder mobility. The following profiles explore local contexts in four communities where low-income children have a better than expected chance of breaking the cycle of poverty.

The profiles are the result of conversations with people who live and work in each community as well as a review of existing information (for more details about this process, please see the methodology page).

Although we sought diverse perspectives, we know that these profiles cannot fully capture the diversity of people and ideas in each community.

It is impossible to conclusively determine why outcomes are better for low-income children who grew up in these communities, but we can highlight likely contributors or obstacles to mobility. Ultimately, these profiles should give color and life to the data, provoking deeper conversations about the role communities play in shaping opportunity.

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