One single, generous person, just like you, can make an exponential impact on the lives of many.

There are countless reasons to give, and endless causes to support, but where do you start? Right here — at your statewide community foundation. We help you help others. Let’s get started.


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What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a nonprofit platform for people of all means to make a lasting difference in their communities by supporting causes they care most about. OCF offers donors the opportunity to create their own named charitable funds, providing flexible, efficient, and tax-effective ways to ensure their charitable giving achieves the greatest possible impact, right now and into the future.

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Fast donor facts

OCF works with you (and your family if so desired) to create a charitable fund that support the causes and issues chosen by you.

  • Whatever your giving style, our flexible, supportive approach helps achieve your charitable goals with a variety of fund types and accepted assets.
  • We have regional offices with philanthropic advisors who expertly guide you through the process. Your local OCF team will continue to support your giving.
  • We offer a variety of fund types, including donor advised funds and scholarship funds. By creating a fund at OCF you can enjoy tax benefits while adding good to the world in your name.

Assets we accept

  • Cash
  • Appreciated securities
  • Real estate
  • Business interests
  • IRAs
  • Qualified charitable distributions
  • Transfers from other charitable entities like donor advised funds and private foundations
  • Bequests, retirement plan assets and life insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are three ways OCF helps donors make a bigger difference?
How much is required to start a fund with OCF?
How can OCF help me make a planned gift through my estate or during my lifetime?

Download Getting Started worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you create your personal giving plan. When this worksheet is complete, choose your local OCF advisor and they’ll help you turn it into reality.

Download Worksheet

Talk With an Advisor

After you’ve completed our Getting Started worksheet, you’ve begun to outline your plan. You can meet (in person or virtually) with your regional OCF philanthropic advisor to complete your plan and learn about options for creating your own charitable fund.


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