Reimagining Portland's Albina Arts Center

New ownership for Albina Arts Center. Dozens of Black community, business and arts leaders collaborate future vision for Albina Arts Center; welcome intergenerational wealth and community building.


Located at the corner of NE Williams and NE Killingsworth (5412 North Williams Avenue), the Albina Arts Center is a one-story, brick building that has been an important symbol of Portland’s Black community since the early 1960s. Used as a community hub, arts center, and meeting place, the Albina Arts Center was incorporated to give intentional space for the development of cultural and intellectual resources of the Albina neighborhood.

Current Status - Summer 2023

Latest News

The center's new owner was chosen through a Request for Proposals (RFPs), following a year-long community visioning process to develop a future vision for the center. The submission period has closed. The RFP is available here for reference.

Albina Arts Center Selection Committee

A competitive, rigorous, community-led grant process - facilitated by Oregon Community Foundation - began in early May 2023 and was preceded by a nearly year-long engagement to create a vision for the future of this vital community hub. The following notable community, business and arts leaders have served on the Albina Arts Center Selection Committee: 

  • D’Artagnan Caliman, Vice President, 1803 Fund 

  • Kayin Talton Davis, Artist; Partnerships + Design, Albina Vision Trust; Owner and Designer at Soapbox Theory

  • Stephen Green, Executive Director, Business for a Better Portland; Founder, Greener Pastures NW  

  • Joyce Braden Harris, educator, speaker, writer, workshop trainer, facilitator, community activist, and advocate for justice and fairness 

  • Kimberly Moreland, President, Oregon Black Pioneers 

  • Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, Vice President, DEI & Community Initiatives, Moda Health 

  • Akasha Lawrence Spence, Entrepreneur + Civic Activist; Former Oregon State Senator, D-18; Former Oregon State Representative, HD-36 

Informed by vital community input and guidance, in early August 2023, the Albina Arts Center Selection Committee will recommend a nonprofit organization to lead the Albina Arts Center into the future.

Visioning Committee Session Notes

In 2016, Oregon Community Foundation was approached by a court-appointed receiver working on behalf of the State of Oregon to serve in a temporary administrative capacity for the Albina Arts Center.

The property is currently held by the North Portland Economic Development Fund and is currently leased to several commercial tenants. This Fund was created pursuant to a Fund Agreement between the DOJ and AWL Building LLC, a limited liability company of which the Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) is the sole member.  The Fund was created to accept, title, and administer the Albina Arts Center with the intention to distribute all such property to a qualified charitable organization.

Community-led Process

Oregon Community Foundation has contracted with Try Excellence to provide an equitable engagement strategy to develop a path for transferring ownership of the Albina Arts Center to a nonprofit organization that is representative of the Albina community historically served by the building. Try Excellence is a Portland Area consulting firm providing innovative solutions to create environments where human brilliance is valued and celebrated.

Community Engagement Consultant and Facilitator

Portland native, Ericka Warren will lead the Try Excellence Project team and serve as Community Engagement Consultant and Facilitator for this work. Try Excellence will facilitate a community visioning process that will engage leaders and stakeholders in Portland’s Black community in strategic visioning and planning for the future of the Albina Arts Building.

Steering Committee

Serves as key advisors to the project in collaboration with Try Excellence and key Oregon Community Foundation staff who are responsible for the success of this project. The Steering Committee will help to create structures, maintain consistency, and offer accountability for an equitable, inclusive process.

Visioning Committee

The Albina Arts Visioning Committee, made up of Portland-based Black stakeholders, is driving a community-centered visioning and development process that will promote mutual understanding and collective vision for the Albina Arts Center and the nonprofit organization that will own and steward the building.

Visioning Committee Members

Intisar Abioto, Arts Professional, Intisar Abioto Photography
Joe Bean Keller, Representative, World Arts Foundation
Ifanyi Bell, Founder / Executive Director, Open Signal Labs
Faye Burch, Principal Consultant, Fay M Burch & Assoc
Jaquan Butler, A/V Specialist, Soul District
Tai Carpenter, President of the Board, Don’t ShootPDX
Joy Alise Davis, President / Executive Director, Imagine Black
Anthony Deloney, Development Director, Self Enhancement, Inc.
Jerry Foster, Artistic Director, Passinart
Bobby Fouther, Visual & Performing Artist, Mr BobbyDance
Sharon Gary Smith, President, Portland NAACP
Darrell Grant, Artist / Educator, Portland State Univ / Vanport Mosaic
Joyce Harris, Educator / Activist
Elijah Hassan, Owner, EHP, LLC
Sen Akasha Lawrence Spence, OR Senator, District 18
Sahaan McKelvey, Director of Restoration & Identification, SEI
Dr. S. Renee Mitchell, Founder / Executive Director, I am MORE
Kimberly Moreland, President, Oregon Black Pioneers
Lisa Saunders, Founder / Executive Director, FaithBridge LLC
Isaka Shamsud-Din, Studio Artist
Shalanda Sims, Executive Director, World Stage Theatre
Karis Stoudamire-Phillips, VP, DEI & Community Initiatives, Moda Health
Carol Tatch, Co-Executive Director | Chief of External Operations, Regional Arts & Culture Council
Elizabeth Venable, Owner, Turn! Turn! Turn!
Hobbs Waters, Youth Activist, Agile Philanthropy & Collaborative
Jeana Woolley, Owner / Property Manager, JM Wolley & Assoc / BICEP
Winta Yohannes, Executive Director, Albina Vision Trust

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