Albina Arts Center

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Help us spread the word about the just launched Albina Arts Center RFP! Here are images and suggested language for sharing the information to your social networks:

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Suggested caption for Facebook:
This is truly a momentous occasion! On May 9, 2023, Oregon Community Foundation opened the RFP process to find the future owner of the Albina Arts Center. We encourage you to spread the word with your network, and anyone who you think might like to apply.
#AlbinaArtsCenter #BlackArts #BlackCommunity #BlackExcellence

Suggested caption for LinkedIn:
We are much closer to realizing the vision of a culturally specific space where community members will be able to gather to celebrate, create, heal, learn, and socialize. Go online to learn more about the RFP process that Oregon Community Foundation just opened to ultimately find the future owner of the Albina Arts Center.
#AlbinaArtsCenter #BlackArts #BlackCommunity #BlackExcellence

Suggested caption for Instagram:
Oregon Community Foundation is seeking proposals to identify the new owner of the Albina Arts Center. The center’s new owner will be chosen through a Request for Proposals, following a year-long community visioning process. Visit for more information.
#AlbinaArtsCenter #BlackArts #BlackCommunity