2020 Annual Report

Message From The Board

2020: A Year That Challenged Oregon Like Never Before

In the face of multiple crises, we saw incredible generosity, kindness and love as Oregonians rose to the challenge, taking care of one another in countless ways. OCF responded by marshaling resources across the state, deploying them where they were needed most.

At the request of communities, funding partners, business leaders and the state of Oregon, OCF created or facilitated nine emergency response funds in eight months and deployed more than $220 million in grants, addressing social, economic, health and wildfire emergencies. Thousands of individuals, businesses, fellow foundations and donors opened their hearts to neighbors in need with an outpouring of philanthropic support.

It didn’t take long to see how the greatest impact fell disproportionately on BIPOC, low-income Oregonians, and many of Oregon’s rural communities. OCF’s initial emergency response focused on where we saw the greatest need, and our efforts evolved through listening, learning and relationship-building. We continue important work to better understand and address underlying systemic issues, which create gaps in opportunity that start early and persist into adulthood.
The challenges before us all are large. Oregon communities face economic hardships, homelessness, unemployment and business stagnation. We’ve lost cultural touchstones that bring us together, when many of us feel more divided and isolated than ever. At OCF, we see examples of hope and commitment to community every day, inspiring us to approach the long journey of recovery and rebuilding with courage and optimism.

In the pages that follow, you will meet some of the community heroes—your friends, colleagues, neighbors—who met this moment of need with enormous strength, reach and generosity to support positive change all across Oregon.

Never has our mission been more tested. We are so grateful to thousands of Oregonians who leaned in to meet the moment, and we know they will continue to work together on the recovery that lies ahead.

With gratitude,

Max Williams
President and CEO

Sue Naumes
OCF Board Chair, Medford