Strategies and Solutions for Oregon’s Crisis with Homelessness

Community Connections: Strategies and Solutions for Oregon’s Crisis with Homelessness-Additional Resources

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, OCF hosted an event featuring a panel discussion comprised of OCF leadership and staff members focused on housing strategies, and panelists representing organizations around Oregon that work to help community members find and afford appropriate housing. The panel discussed major initiatives like Project Turnkey, and highlight opportunities for donors to learn about and support potential solutions to a wide-ranging problem.

The event recording can be found here.

Special thanks to our panelists:

Staff at OCF have assembled some resources for donors to consult and research. Please contact your donor relations officer or send an email to Donor Relations to get more information or discuss this topic further.

 Homelessness in Oregon, Strategies for Impact - A brief review of key strategies to reduce and prevent homelessness, with a representative list of organizations around Oregon that work to implement them

Organizations and Agencies Information - A draft of resources that includes:

  • a glossary of terms;
  • a list of organizations categorized by location and central strategy;
  • a list of each county’s main housing authority;
  • a map and list of Community Action Agencies that address housing insecurity;
  • a list of tribal housing authorities; and
  • information about government-sponsored grant and loan programs.