Privacy Policy

Oregon Community Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors. We do not sell, rent, loan, or otherwise share any information about them to external parties, except as legally required by the IRS.

When donors contribute to certain funds (advised, scholarship and community) the advisors of that fund are able to see donor names and the amount contributed. If requested by the advisor, we also share the mailing address of those donors so the advisors may send their own acknowledgment.

We also publicly recognize and celebrate donors to our Leadership Fund by including their name in our Annual Report.

Any donor may at any time request anonymity and we will honor these requests.

Like all organizations with a website, Oregon Community Foundation receives standard tracking data when you visit our site. Information from your browser — including your IP address, pages visited, the length of time you spend on our site, and files you download — is recorded in our website server logs. We use and analyze this data to develop site content, so that we can continue to provide you with a positive experience when you visit our website. However, no personal information is collected during the tracking process. We do not sell, rent, loan or otherwise share any personally identifying information, or information of any kind, that a user provides.

Oregon Community Foundation also provides links to external websites from our website. Unless we expressly state otherwise, Oregon Community Foundation makes no representations whatsoever concerning the content or privacy policies of those sites.

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This Privacy Policy was last updated on 24th September 2019.