Philanthropic advising is a specialty — and we're your back-office specialists. We help you help your clients minimize their taxes with charitable contributions and maximize the impact of their giving. You save time while serving clients and helping Oregon.


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We offer options for lifetime or legacy giving, grantmaking or scholarships. Our philanthropic advisors are adept at transferring all types of assets into charitable funds, and we handle the burden of fund administration so your clients can focus on the pleasure of giving.

Because OCF knows Oregon’s issues and its nonprofit community, we can connect your clients with giving opportunities that truly reflect their values. We offer ongoing learning and networking opportunities to our donors. We can even work with you to help families align their values around a custom giving strategy.

OCF permanent funds are invested in a well-diversified portfolio, which is fundamental to OCF’s investment strategy to help maximize returns and reduce risk and volatility.  This ensures a stable resource for Oregon that responds to today’s needs while preserving and enhancing the real value of funds for the future. 

Partnering with OCF expands your range of services while leaving you in control of client relationships. Think of us as the charitable arm of your professional team.

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