Homelessness and Affordable Housing: Building Solutions

Working with communities and supported by gifts from people like you, OCF funds a brighter housing future

Homelessness and the shortage of affordable housing are caused by a wide variety of linked social and economic problems, touching every community in Oregon. Since 2015, OCF donors – through gifts large and small – together have contributed $6 million to $8 million a year in grants toward organizations serving the homeless and supporting affordable housing. 

This funding goes beyond traditional housing and shelter services to include senior and disability assistance, job training and workforce development programs, education and mentoring for high-risk communities, domestic violence prevention, and culturally-specific family services. In addition, our Oregon Impact Fund provides growth capital for organizations that are preserving and developing affordable housing like REACH Development, NOAH, CASA and Portland Housing Center. 

What you can do

Make a gift to the Housing Stability and Ending Homelessness in Oregon Fund to support OCF grantmaking statewide. You can make a gift of $25 or more online. If you are an existing OCF donor, contact your donor relations officer, who can direct you toward more opportunities to support nonprofits and agencies.  

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OCF, with donors, supports:

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Intervention and Direct Services

Project Turnkey: Taking Bold Action

Project Turnkey is the story of what Oregon can accomplish when communities, business, government and philanthropy join forces to take bold action.

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