The OCRF provided short-term emergency funding; the journey to recovery continues. COVID-19 highlighted stark inequities facing Oregonians across the state. The support cannot stop here.

Two responsive OCF grant programs will support ongoing, evolving needs:

  • Our 2022 Community Grant program prioritizes funding in support of populations disproportionately impacted by inequities exacerbated by racial and social injustice, COVID-19 and/or wildfires.
  • Our Community Rebuilding Fund encourages equitable, inclusive and resiliency-based rebuilding of communities ravaged by the wildfires. These efforts are essential to centering the needs of Oregon’s most vulnerable residents, including Latino/x/e, tribal and rural community members. Funding will support community-led rebuilding that engages residents in shaping the future of the diverse and dynamic places they call home.

Building on the lessons of 2020, we are deepening our commitment to narrowing racial inequities and opportunity gaps. OCF works continuously to improve our internal systems, practices and policies to increase accessibility, belonging and community engagement. Racial equity assessments of our workplace culture and climate will support these goals.

In addition, our newly adopted community engagement framework will guide our strategic and programmatic work through the thoughtful inclusion of diverse Oregonians. By building capacity, strengthening partnerships and nurturing trust-based relationships with diverse community members, we are providing Oregon communities with meaningful opportunities to engage in planning, decision-making, collaboration and shared leadership. These deeper partnerships will yield a closer-knit social fabric that will help OCF ensure Oregonians emerge stronger and more resilient from the crises we have faced.

Your support of community needs is one of OCF’s most powerful tools. We value your partnership in these efforts and invite you to contribute to one of our pooled funds or give directly to one of the organizations featured on our Giving Navigator, an interactive online tool with current needs and projects provided directly by nonprofits.  Your generosity and spirit of community strengthen us all. Thank you!