Thank you, Oregon, for taking care of each other. Scroll down to see the impact of ongoing recovery work and how you can support fellow Oregonians in rebuilding communities.

When the pandemic surged, so did your donations. When calls for justice amplified, so did your voices. When businesses and livelihoods disappeared, you showed up to help. When wildfires blanketed the state, you gave again. Oregon Community Foundation grantmaking has nearly doubled over last year, helping countless Oregonians in need. Thank you to all who have donated time, treasure and talent. Your efforts make a tremendous difference. We have a long road ahead, but with fellow Oregonians like you, we’ll get there. We’re all in this together, Oregon. Let’s keep taking care of each other.


2020 has been a year like no other. At the request of communities, funding partners, business leaders and the State of Oregon, OCF created or facilitated nine emergency funds in eight months in response to social, economic, health and wildfire emergencies. Learn more about each fund, the support they continue to give and partners who made this tremendous response possible.

Funds accepting online donations:
Oregon Community Recovery Fund (COVID-19)
Community Rebuilding Fund (wildfires)
Oregon Arts and Culture Recovery Fund (COVID-19)

Additional funds and projects:
COVID Response Fund for existing OCF donors
Oregon Worker Relief Fund
Quarantine Fund

Small Business Stabilization Fund
Washington County Cares Fund
Project Turnkey

Unprecedented grantmaking helps those hard-hit by COVID-19 and wildfires across the state. OCF is listening, learning and deepening efforts to reach the most vulnerable and historically underserved communities of color and poor rural families who have been disproportionately impacted by these crises. *All grants, not limited to COVID and wildfires. 

Despite fear, worry and an unknown future, Oregonians donated quickly and generously to help others around the state in the wake of COVID-19 through the Oregon Community Recovery Fund.

In direct response to COVID-19, Oregonians directed giving to support those suffering in the wake of the pandemic, donating twice as much to OCF funds from January to June of 2020 as they did during the same time period in 2019. Still, magnitude of need continues to grow. Thank you Oregon, for your generosity. Please keep giving.

Emergency funds supported nonprofits serving people in need in every corner of Oregon. Flexible, responsive grant funding ensures resources move quickly to where they’re needed most.

By listening to communities and nonprofits across the state about where their needs were greatest, OCF deployed more than $87M to organizations on the front-lines of Oregon's many crises, such as BIPOC-focused nonprofits working to overcome systemic injustices, community organizations supporting areas decimated by wildfire, and to organizations providing stable housing. With the pandemic cases rising, economic uncertainty at home and in our small local businesses, Oregon is still on the road to recovery. Let’s keep taking care of each other, Oregon.  

How does OCF work?

What does OCF do with donations?
What is a community foundation?
How have the events of 2020 influenced OCF’s community response moving forward?

How you can help.

Check in with friends, family and neighbors. Donate food, clothing and emergency items. Volunteer. Make a donation online below. If you are an OCF donor, give at MyOCF or contact a donor relations officer in one of five regional offices across the state. Together, we can rebuild an equitable, resilient, interconnected Oregon.


Let’s keep taking care of each other, Oregon.

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Moving Forward in Partnership

As we turn our attention to what comes next, we are grateful for Oregonian generosity, resilience and empathy. In particular, partnerships with Meyer Memorial Trust and The Ford Family Foundation will help us all leverage private, public and philanthropic donations to work collectively for Oregonians whose communities have been devastated by wildfires across a state already reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic and consequences of racial injustice. These foundational partners bring combined, unique expertise and understanding of communities together to bridge the challenges our state will face in the aftermath of these fires. This partnership of cumulative impact and shared values reflects a unified commitment for a stronger and more resilient Oregon. The Community Rebuilding Fund aims to leverage public investment with private and philanthropic investment to catalyze a rebuilding effort for a stronger Oregon.