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Program Officer for Donor Impact, Portland Office

The Program Officer for Donor Impact provides deep programmatic support to a portfolio of supporting organizations and charitable funds. This position will build deep understanding of the interests and goals of a multi-faceted portfolio of donors, advisors, and funds to support them in meeting charitable goals and creating community impact. This position coordinates across departments to ensure that internal expertise, grantmaking opportunities, and research enhance, inform, and benefit the charitable giving of OCF donors. Full position description here

Program Officer for Economic Vitality, Portland Office

The Program Officer for Economic Vitality, in collaboration with the Senior Program Officer for Economic Vitality and Housing (SPO) and Director of Initiatives and Partnerships (DIP), is responsible for implementation of economic vitality initiatives and serves as the Foundation’s statewide resource on issues related to Oregon’s economic vitality. The officer conducts planning, research, strategy development, strategy implementation and evaluation, relationship management and communications for the economic vitality portfolio. Full position description here

Program Officer for Scholarships, Portland Office

The Program Officer for Scholarships, in coordination with the Senior Program Officer for Education, acts as lead program staff for the scholarship program. The position supports all efforts and initiatives related to OCF’s goal of improving affordability of post-secondary education in Oregon, including administration of OCF’s $11 million scholarship program, and working with state and local government, other scholarship providers and nonprofits on affordability and access to financial aid for students and other related activities. Full position description here

Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, Portland Office

The Talent Acquisition and Development Manager (TAD Manager) works closely with the Director of Human Resources in the strategic recruitment and development of a diverse, talented team of professionals, and in the development and implementation of an internal learning program and platform that support employee growth and career development, including content and implementation. This position works closely with individuals across the organization. Full position description here