Community Connections Events Additional Resources

  • March 2021: Incarceration and Justice Reform: A Social Change Perspective, Moderator Shannon Wight (Deputy Director for Partnership for Safety and Justice) facilitated a conversation about racial disparities in the criminal justice system and problems with policing and prisons; and re-entry services that help people succeed. For additional resources, follow this link.
  • January 2021: Food Security in Oregon-Needs, Gaps and Opportunities, Attendees heard how philanthropy can support food security for Oregonians. COVID-19 and Oregon’s wildfires are unlike any other challenge and have brought forth unimaginable hardships to communities in Oregon. Access to food and the availability of food has become more challenging for already disproportionately impacted communities in our state. They also learned what food security means and about differences between food access and availability.  For additional resources, follow this link.
  • October 2020: Building Economic and Community Vitality for Oregon's Latinx Population, a conversation about how culturally specific community partners play a key role in advancing Latinx leadership, increasing engagement and addressing the wealth gap and economic impacts faced by this community. For additional resources, follow this link.
  • September 2020: Navigating Back-to-School Challenges, a conversation about the implications for different student populations and age groups which highlighted the need for collaboration among schools, community-based nonprofit organizations.  For additional resources, follow this link.
  • August 2020: Black Communities in Oregon, A conversation about historical context and current realities.  For additional resources, follow this link.