Breakout Sessions: Food Security in Oregon – Needs, Gaps and Opportunities.

Breakout Sessions (You can find panelist bios at this link)

Farm-to-schoolBringing locally grown produce into schools is a fun and healthy way to get youth excited about where food comes from, how it grows, and to enjoy eating fresh fruit and vegetables. Join us to learn more about successful farm to school initiatives and partnerships.


  • Stefan Aumack, Co-Principal, Kalapuya High School/The Bethel Farm (Eugene)  
  • Jaime Arredondo, Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Network board member; ED of CAPACES Leadership Institute (Willamette Valley)  
  • Audrey Tehan, Executive Director/ Farm Director, Seed to Table (Central Oregon)   

Food Equity:  We believe all people have the right to grow and consume healthy, affordable and culturally specific foodsJoin us to learn how communities are addressing food equity and striving to providgood food to everyone.


  • Alex Adame, Family Access Network Advocate, Jefferson County School District (Central Oregon)   
  • Shantae Johnson, Unity Farm Manager, Mudbone Grown, Black Oregon Land Trust, OFB Pathways to Farming Program to support BIPOC agriculture businesses and programming (Portland metro)  
  • Buck Jones, Cayuse, Salmon Marketing, Columbia River Inter-tribal Fish Commission     
  • Javier Lara, Anuhuac Program, CAPACES (Willamette Valley)  

Regional food systemsRegional food systems are increasingly important to individuals, families and communities for social, economic and environmental reasons. Join us to learn how local and regional food systems support community vitality and improve food security.


  • Jordan Haas, Food Security Coalition Coordinator, Gorge Grown Food Network (Gorge) 
  • Rick Gaupo, President & CEO, Marion-Polk Food Share (Marion and Polk counties) 
  • Lauren Sorg, Executive Director, Food Roots, Tillamook (North Coast)  
  • Tom Mulhern, Executive Director, Food for Lane County (Willamette Valley) 
  • Audrey Smith, Regional Food Bank, Community Connection of NE Oregon (Eastern Oregon)  

Independent food pantries: From the basement of a church to the community kitchen, independent food pantries are a lifeline for communities. Learn how these community-led and community supported organizations are increasingly relied upon to provide basic needs across Oregon.


  • Ranae Staley, Executive Director, The Giving Plate, Bend, Oregon  
  • Isaak Oliansky, Director, Ashland Emergency Food Bank