Our Volunteers

OCF relies on more than 1,800 local volunteers who provide us with personal, in-depth knowledge of community needs across the state.

OCF volunteers serve on the board, advisory and leadership councils, and evaluate grant proposals and scholarship applications. OCF fills volunteer roles on an ongoing basis. If you'd like to learn about becoming a volunteer, email us to share your interest.

Are you an OCF volunteer? Would you like to apply to be an OCF volunteer? Go to our volunteer resources page

Leadership Councils

OCF Leadership Councils are vital to fulfilling our mission. Council members commit to public service and charitable activities and have a general knowledge of the region, its nonprofits and its community needs. Eight volunteer regional councils represent all of Oregon.

Regional Leadership Councils

Central Oregon Leadership Council
Eastern Oregon Leadership Council
Metropolitan Portland Leadership Council
North Coast Leadership Council
Northern Willamette Valley Leadership Council
South Coast Leadership Council
Southern Oregon Leadership Council
Southern Willamette Valley Leadership Council

OCF Grant Evaluators

Grant evaluators assess grant applications, operating in regional teams with support from each other and OCF staff. The volunteers below work as grant evaluators for Community Grants and the Reed and Carolee Walker Fund. 

List of OCF Grant Evaluators

OCF places a high priority on education and works to ensure that all Oregonians have the resources available for post-secondary education. OCF administers the largest and most diverse community foundation scholarship programs in the United States; 1,305 volunteers serve on scholarship advisory committees throughout Oregon.