Grant Payments by Direct Deposit (ACH)

As part of ongoing efforts to streamline grant payment systems, the Oregon Community Foundation is pleased to offer direct deposit (also referred to as ACH, or automatic clearing house) payments on some grants.

ACH payment allows your organization to receive funding in your bank account the same day transactions are approved. That means no checks, no waiting on the mail to arrive, and no lag time between when you receive funds and when they can be put to work. All you need to sign up is information about your organization's bank account, a bank letter or voided check, and access to email. 

Set up direct deposit

To register for direct deposit, please fill out our Automated Clearing House Form.


In accordance with data security best practices, we ask that you do not email or mail a copy of the completed form to us. 

Complete The Form

Below are some common questions we receive about ACH payments. These questions will help you understand what to expect from opting in to direct deposit payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we know when direct deposit money has landed in our account?
What happens to the award letter?
Are grants deposited individually?
When will direct deposit be available across all OCF grant programs?
After I complete the form, when will my organization start receiving grants through direct deposit?

Have questions about ACH?

Feel free to reach out to Melissa Adelman, Director of Grants Management.

Melissa Adelman

Director of Grants Management

(503) 944-2121

Metro Portland
Finance and Operations