Latino Partnership Program

Established in 2013, The Latino Partnership Program (LPP) is a statewide program of Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) that addresses the challenges facing the Latino/x community. 

With the support of many volunteers, we center the voices and experiences of the Latinos/x in our efforts by leaning into the strengths and collective wisdom of our comunidades (communities) across Oregon.

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Our Funding Priorities and Funding Process:

In 2017, LPP staff developed a five-year strategic plan to guide the program in the coming years based on LPP evaluation findings, community conversations and aided by recent research. The plan also included a priority to embed the LPP and Latino community priorities in OCF’s broad framework as a strategic objective. The following are LPP’s focus areas:

  • Latino/x Education
  • Latino/x Leadership Development
  • Latino/x Wealth Building (added in December 2020)

Read more about LPP's Strategic Plan here

Read an Analysis of Higher Education Policies and Latino/x Student Success in Oregon here.

How LPP works

Grant Opportunities

LPP funds programs and projects that serve the Latino/x community across Oregon. We partner and support community leaders and organizations working in LPP's focus areas. Examples of partnerships are: convenings and gatherings, topic focused conversations, sponsorships, and more. 

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LPP Volunteers:

LPP Statewide Advisory Council functions as an advisory committee to OCF. Council members assist and advise OCF in the direction and implementation of the Latino Partnership Program’s strategies.

 Current Council:

  • Jonathan Garcia, Chair, Metropolitan Portland
  • Maria Ramos Underwood, Vice Chair, Southern Oregon
  • Gina Galaviz-Yap, Southern Willamette Valley
  • Sidronio “Sid” Rangel, Eastern Oregon
  • Whitney Swander, Central Oregon

Read more about our growing team here

Regional committees

LPP celebrates the regional diversity of Latinos/x across Oregon. We accomplish our statewide goals with the partnership of our regional committees.

Our regional committees are leaders within their communities and provide direction around regional priorities for LPP. 

Regional Committee Members

Central Oregon
Northern Willamette Valley
Southern Oregon
Eastern Oregon

Funding Opportunities

The Latino Partnership Program offers small and targeted grant making opportunities and OCF provides avenues for Latino-focused organizations to pursue funding. See our Latino Funding Opportunities page for grant seekers.

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