Foundations for a Better Oregon

Building Bridges to Advance Oregon’s Commitment to Every Child

Foundations for a Better Oregon (FBO) is a statewide nonprofit organization founded by OCF and four other regional foundations to FBO Logoadvance a shared, long-term vision for Oregon’s children and young people. Anchored in shared learning and authentic collaboration, FBO bridges community, policymakers, and philanthropy to demystify and reimagine how Oregon’s systems support every child to learn, grow and thrive.

 “We envision a better Oregon that hears, values, and cares for every child,” begins FBO’s guiding vision statement. “Communities, policymakers, system leaders, and philanthropy forge networks of trust, honor Oregon’s complexity, and move as one to remedy the historical and emerging injustices facing children. Public systems authentically engage families and communities in design and decision-making to uphold our collective commitment to children. Together, Oregonians nurture children’s learning, aspirations, and humanity, and every child knows that they belong.”

 FBO defines its strategic priorities by critical structural and cultural changes Oregon must make to disrupt the root causes of inequity and radically accelerate progress for children:

  • In a better Oregon, research and data is community-centered
  • In a better Oregon, investment in education is equitable and coherent
  • In a better Oregon, decision-making is inclusive and participatory

With deep experience in policy advocacy, convening, research, and storytelling, FBO works in collaboration to lay the groundwork for stronger, sustainable, community-centered systems that care for every child.

Learn more about FBO (formerly known as Chalkboard Project) at: www.betteroregon.org

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