Oral Health Funders Collaborative

A vision for outstanding oral health for all.

The Oral Health Funders Collaborative is a partnership of 10 regional grantmakers who are coordinating their efforts to identify, advocate and invest in oral health solutions. OCF's role in this effort reflects our deep commitment to improving Oregonians’ health, productivity and quality of life.

Dental disease is one of Oregon’s most pressing public health problems. As a study by the Oregon Department of Human Services notes, “the majority of Oregonians — poor or rich, female or male, old or young, whatever their race or ethnicity — suffer from oral disease.” The causes of this silent epidemic include inadequate education and prevention, lack of supplies, and a shortage of providers serving low-income people.

Left untreated, this preventable disease can be devastating to lifelong health, educational success, productivity and self-image. It’s also been linked with serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease.

To address this statewide health crisis the Oral Health Funders Collaborative was formally established in September 2011. Its goals include:

  • Raising awareness of oral disease among funders and community leaders in Oregon and Southwest Washington.
  • Increasing knowledge of best practices to prevent oral disease for all ages.
  • Investing in data collection and analysis to quantify the true social and economic cost of oral disease in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Steering Committee

The Collaborative meets quarterly and is represented by the following members: 

Collaborative Projects