Project Turnkey

Homelessness and housing insecurity are often described as intractable problems, so entrenched and complex that they seem nearly impossible to solve. Project Turnkey is the story of what Oregon can accomplish when communities, business, government and philanthropy join forces to take bold action.


In 2020 the Oregon Legislature allocated a total of $65 million for Project Turnkey, for the purpose of acquiring motels/hotels for use as non-congregate shelter for people experiencing homelessness, at-risk of homelessness or displaced by wildfires. In less than seven months, Project Turnkey 1.0 created 19 new shelters in 13 counties, leading to a 20% increase in the state supply of shelter beds.

Project Turnkey 2.0 (2022-2023)

Based on the success of the Project Turnkey 1.0, and in the face on ongoing need for emergency shelter and transitional housing, the Oregon Legislature allocated $50 million in new funding for more emergency shelter and transitional housing around the state for Project Turnkey 2.0 in 2022.

Oregon Community Foundation’s Role

Oregon Community Foundation serves as the grantor and fiduciary, administering state-funded Project Turnkey 2.0 grants. OCF has worked closely with Oregon Housing and Community Services to ensure that the selection process aligns with the state’s strategic housing plan.

Project Turnkey 2.0: Selection Process

Eligible applicants include local entities (cities, counties, housing authorities) and nonprofit organizations. Grantees are selected through an application and due diligence process, with guidance from a diverse advisory committee of state, local, and community stakeholders. Projects selected for grants are community centered and equity focused and support the most vulnerable of unhoused community members.

Of the 32 applications received from entities across the state, 12 have been advanced to Phase 2 and OCF is working with the applicants to identify appropriate properties and complete due diligence. In alignment with legislation, all acquisitions will be completed by June 30, 2023. 

Eligible property types include hotels, motels, and other vacant properties that can readily and affordably be converted to non-congregate shelter such as duplexes, apartment complexes, care facilities, or dormitories.


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Project Turnkey 1.0

$74.7 Million

To acquire hotels/motels as safe, socially-distanced shelters


Increase in Oregon's supply of emergent housing

867 Rooms

19 properties, 13 counties

Project Turnkey 1.0 site locations 



Questions can be directed to Megan Loeb, Program Officer, at mloeb@oregoncf.org.

Questions from the media can be directed to Maureen Kenney, Public Relations Manager at mkenney@oregoncf.org

Header photo by Brandon Yadegari