Community Water Solutions

Water is the most important natural resource on our planet. In today's changing climate, the allocation of water resources is a crucial issue requiring thoughtful planning by state and local stakeholders. 

Planning for Oregon's Water Needs

Oregon is facing a highly insecure water future, due to a changing climate and a rapidly growing population. Soon, major policies in the natural resource and environmental areas will focus on water access and availability.

To address the future water needs of the state, Oregon's governor, state agencies, and legislature have begun the strategic planning process to increase investments around water quality and quantity. Place-based water planning communities are developing local priorities that will directly translate into key considerations for state-level decision makers.

To ensure that rural communities have a voice in the process, OCF provides grants to support place-based water planning communities. The funding supports facilitation, assessments, and learning opportunities for these rural communities, with the intent that these communities' needs can be reflected in future collaborative agreements, funding priorities, and statewide policy decisions.

Rural communities have an opportunity to influence future policies through a shared vision based on local solution-oriented activities. OCF is pleased to support this difficult but necessary work.