Pacific NW Resilient Landscape Initiative

An innovative partnership designed to have a transformative impact on the conservation of natural areas across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho

Our lands and natural areas connect us to our past and to our shared future. What will we do to conserve the unique places across the Pacific Northwest as our climate changes? Will the outdoors we love, the resources we depend upon, and our natural heritage be here for future generations? How can we make that possible?

A Vision of Conservation across the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest Resilient Landscapes Initiative sets a bold vision – an engaged community of supporters, a robust group of nonprofit partners, and a collaboration of community foundations across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho to conserve the lands that are vital to preserve our wild spaces, wildlife habitat, public access to open space, and the resources we depend on such as clean air and water.

And, it's already happening. With the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation's lead funding of more than $5 million, OCF, the Seattle Foundation, the Idaho Community Foundation, and the Land Trust Alliance are harnessing their shared expertise, resources, and donor communities who want to embrace this vision for conserving lands across the Pacific Northwest.

Our Approach

The initiative will provide funding to land trusts for projects that will give nature an opportunity to adapt to our changing climate. Land trusts are nonprofit organizations that work with individuals and partners to conserve and steward lands. To identify those lands that are best suited to adapt our changing climate (i.e., resilient landscapes), we'll use a framework developed by scientists at The Nature Conservancy. This scientific approach looks at the features of a landscape that will not change even as our climate does. Using that scientific lens, we'll consider which places will provide refuge for plants and animals and allow natural processes to endure. We’ll also weigh how those places might build community resilience, enhance well-being, and promote equitable outcomes. Further, we'll invest in the resilience of our land trust partners by providing funding so that they can use this scientific framework effectively in their work.

A Moment for All to Step Forward

This a moment for all us to step forward. By learning and giving together, we can have a greater impact in preserving the lands, waters, and natural areas that sustain us and make the Pacific Northwest home.

About the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

The mission of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation is to improve the quality of people's lives through grants supporting the performing arts, environmental conservation, medical research, and child well-being, and through preservation of the cultural and environmental legacy of Doris Duke's properties. The foundation’s awareness of climate change as the greatest emerging threat to biodiversity—and the need to aggressively mitigate it without unnecessarily sacrificing wildlife habitat—shapes its environmental grantmaking priorities. More than $415 million in grants related to the conservation of wildlife in the United States have been made by the foundation since it was established in 1997.

Support the Initiative

To make a gift to the initiative or to learn more, please contact Carlos Garcia, OCF’s environmental resource officer, at (503) 227-6846 or cgarcia@oregoncf.org.