Yamhill Needs and Opportunities Assessment

The Yamhill County Needs and Opportunities Assessment was initiated to help understand community needs, strengths and context, and to inform future funding within the region.

The county has embarked on an ambitious effort to increase cross-service collaboration and transform service delivery, policy development, and family and community outcomes. The Yamhill Community Care Organization, its early learning hub and service integration teams, and business/K-12/government partnership around educational innovation are examples of this effort. Strong civic engagement and volunteerism among residents creates a strong sense of community and responsibility.

Economic opportunities, housing, mental health services, and K-12 education were commonly cited regional challenges. Moreover, structural barriers related to intergenerational poverty and disparity in access among diverse populations undergird these issues. Yamhill County service providers comprise a robust network, from small faith-based efforts to large nonprofit institutions. These providers have shown great interest in refining services and initiating new partnerships to improve service outcomes for families and the community as a whole. The Yamhill County Needs and Opportunities Assessment provides important baseline information on the current status of community services, strengths, and gaps.