Complex Assets

We can help your clients understand the types of assets we accept and the charitable advantages they offer.

Popular assets to donate include real estate, LLC or LP interests non-publicly traded stocks, and insurance policies.  We also commonly receive transfers from private foundations and retirement assets.  Each asset is evaluated individually, and we're happy to discuss the asset you have in mind.

Assets We Accept


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Appreciated Securities 

Publicly traded stock, mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

Real Estate 

Residential and commercial property, farmland and timberland.

Business Interest 

Privately held stock, limited partnerships, LLC interests and other business interests.

Transfers from Charitable Entities Such as Private Foundations or other DAFs

If your client has a private foundation or other donor advised fund and is concerned with succession planning or would like to spend less time managing their foundation, you can transfer those assets to OCF to create a fund that can be managed with the assistance of OCF staff.  Your client would also be able to take advantage of OCF’s expertise in Oregon and its relationship-based services.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions

If your clients are 70 1/2 or older, they can make a qualified charitable distribution from their IRA into several types of OCF funds.

Bequests, Retirement Plan Assets and Life Insurance

  • Your clients can create or add to an OCF fund through their will or living trust.
  • Your clients can name OCF as the payable on death beneficiary of any financial accounts.
  • Your clients can name their OCF fund as the beneficiary of their retirement account or life insurance policy.
  • Your clients can transfer a life insurance policy irrevocably to OCF.

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