Info Sheets Answer Common Client Questions

Help your clients understand how OCF can support their giving with this new series of informative one-sheets about topics they might be curious about. These PDFs are optimized for electronic sharing or printing.

Dispatch - Quarterly Newsletters 

  • Q1 2023: Why Charitable Gift Annuities are Having a Moment | Four Tax Tips Worth Smiling About
    Video: What You Should Know About Taxes and Charitable Giving in 2023
  • Q2 2023: Proposed Legislation: The Return of Charitable Deductions and a Change for Private Foundations Contributing to DAFs | Retirement Plans to Charity: Understanding the “Trifecta” of Tax Benefits
  • Q3 2023: Structuring the Multi-generational Philanthropy Plan, Tapping Charitable Giving to Motivate Clients, and Three Eye-catching News Stories 
  • Q4 2023: Year-end Charitable Giving, Upcoming Webinars, Why Life Insurance Shouldn’t be Overlooked, and What’s Trending in Philanthropy

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