Advised Fund Grantee Guidance

A donor advised fund at Oregon Community Foundation is established by donors who want help maximizing the impact of their giving. A donor can make a tax-deductible gift immediately to OCF and decide later how to recommend their money be distributed to qualified nonprofits; OCF invests the money and provides professional assistance in navigating the nonprofit community. Fund advisors offer recommendations to the OCF board for how their funds should be distributed. When the board approves these recommendations, an organization receives a grant award.

According to IRS rules, no direct benefits or services may be offered to fund advisors which are not available to the general public without charge. This includes memberships, event tables, concert tickets, discounts, and other types of “donor premiums” with a defined cost. Fund advisors may be subject to fines if a grant results in a direct donor benefit or service.

Advised fund grants cannot be used to satisfy a pledge. The IRS views pledge fulfillment as a direct benefit to fund advisors, because it alleviates a personal financial obligation. Fund advisors may be subject to fines if an advised fund grant is used as a pledge payment. Organizations should not offer or expect formal pledge agreements if the commitment will be fulfilled by an advised fund.

The award letter indicates how the advisor prefers to be recognized publicly and/or in print.

This grant is from OCF, rather than individual advisors.

You do not need to send a gift receipt to OCF or the fund advisor. If you wish to contact the advisor, refer to the contact information in the award letter. If no contact information is listed, the advisor has chosen to remain anonymous.

If an evaluation report is required, it will be specified in the grant award letter. Excluding a required evaluation, it is not necessary to send any additional information to OCF.

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