Eastern Oregon Border Board Competitive Housing Incentive Program


The Eastern Oregon Border Economic Development Board is charged with implementing investment strategies and practices in workforce and economic development in the region and to make grants to eligible applicants for encouraging regional workforce and economic development.

All loans must significantly impact education, workforce, and/or economic development capacity in the Border Region. Priority will be given to programs and projects that:

  • Enhance prosperity in the Border Region
  • Improve the Border Region's property tax base
  • Improve the Border Region's competitiveness with Idaho
  • Increase workforce availability and skills in the Border Region
  • Improve the image of Border Region
  • Leverage the funds with a complement of outside funding

Eastern Oregon Border Board Funding Programs resource page here.

Who Can Apply

Owners of newly constructed, owner-occupied homes within the Border Region. Qualifying projects must be a stick-built, single family home on a foundation or a townhome, duplex and multiplex, provided at least one unit is owner-occupied. Manufactured homes are not eligible. Tax assessed value of the home at completion must be at least $125,000.

* Please note that homes within the Vale School District and Annex School District are currently not eligible for this program, as those taxing districts are not participating in this program.

Use of Funds

Homeowners will receive $6,000 upon completion and occupancy of a new residence in participating areas of the Border Region. Homeowner is also eligible to submit a paid property tax receipt each year to be reimbursed a maximum of $1,500 annually for up to 10 years.


  • Closings must occur at a title/escrow company.
  • Upon receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy and payment of property taxes, homeowner can follow the application process to request a $6,000 incentive from the Board. Applications can be submitted at any time once the necessary documentation is available but no more than 30 days after closing.
  • On a yearly basis, a homeowner can submit a receipt to the Board showing property taxes have been paid.  The homeowner will be reimbursed up to $1,500 per year for up to 10 years.
  • Incentives are not transferrable.
  • Applications will be accepted on an open application cycle pending funding availability.

How to Apply

Complete the application and return to Emily Conlon at eoborderboard@gmail.com or mail to Eastern Oregon Border Board, Attn: Emily Conlon, PO Box 218, Ontario OR 97914. Please include proof of certificate of occupancy, evidence the property taxes have been paid in full, and evidence showing the property is assessed at a minimum of $125,000.

Staff Assistance


  • Emily Conlon, Board Coordinator, Eastern Oregon Border Board, eoborderboard@gmail.com.


  • Joel Harmon, Grants Management Associate: jharmon@oregoncf.org, (503) 227-6846.