Grantee Media Resources

Congratulations on your grant award and growing partnership with Oregon Community Foundation!

To raise awareness and attract additional support for your work, we encourage you to share the impact of OCF’s investment with your communities, the media and the public.

Help your community understand how your organization is furthering its outstanding work, with support from Oregon Community Foundation and its donors.

Share your news with OCF

Share news with OCF. Please connect with us at:
If sharing an image or video, please make sure that all pictured individuals complete the OCF Photo Release Form.

Using the OCF logo

You’re welcome to use the OCF logo to help promote your award. Please don’t modify it, and be sure to allow plenty of space around all sides of the logo (as much space as the height of the top text box part of the logo).

Download the logo:

Social media

Share the news about your award, and the important work of your organization, via your social media channels (see language tips below).

Post this community partner graphic to your social feeds:

Please tag Oregon Community Foundation:

Media outreach

Local media outlets often welcome announcements impacting their communities. Let local news websites, newspapers, radio and TV know about your award. Send the press release to media contacts listed on their websites, and reach out to reporters you know cover your organization or related issues. Share a press release with them with all the details, including your contact information.

  • Attach good photos -- include 1-3 high quality, candid (vs. staged) photos that demonstrate your work in action – photos greatly increase the likelihood of media pickup.
  • Download this editable news release template
  • Be on the ready – try to be as responsive as possible should you receive a media query – remember, reporters are working on tight deadlines.

What to say

How to talk about the OCF fund(s) that supported your grants

Please acknowledge the funds that supported your project, which are listed in your award letter. On first reference please describe OCF funds this way: The [Name of Fund] of Oregon Community Foundation

How to talk about Oregon Community Foundation

Get the latest OCF boilerplate language

Contact Communications

If you have questions about these guidelines or have other media-related questions, please contact us at or see a listing of our team members.